Carl Zeiss lenses manufactured the BRD

Before the agreed division of Germany by the Allied Powers came into effect, the Americans decided to take about 80 leading Zeiss employees into their assigned military zone. They formed the nucleus of the new "Carl Zeiss Stiftung" daughter company "Opton Optische Werke Oberkochen GmbH", founded October 4th, 1946.
March 3rd, 1947, the company name was altered into "Zeiss-Opton" and produced items like lenses were engraved accordingly.

The first lenses were produced in Coburg. In 1943 the production site of Hans Kollmorgen GmbH was relocated from Berlin to Coburg, Uferstrasze 6.

Carl Zeiss lens numbers

The intention is to make 3 different kinds of queries, a query-by-Bestellnummer (i.e. the Zeiss Ikon BN), a query-by-name (like Sonnar), and a generalised query by-number - although that may be limited to the huge amount of lenses made.


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