You have the Bestellnummer, what is it?

Both oldstyle as newstyle (computerised) system is supported. The output is still not up to standard, but it's the content that counts:-).

The Bestellnummer query is extended to both systems. The prewar system of Zeiss Ikon was an extension of the system in use by the ICA plant and consisted of a (major) number eventually followed by a slash and a another (minor) number. The general format is xxx(/yy).

The new computerised Bestellnummer system (which came into action in 1958) consists of 2 numbers, concatenated by a decimal point in the format xx.yyyy. In this form the first integer (xx) is called the 'major' and the second integer (yyyy) is called the minor field.

This input form allows one to make 1 query without wildcards.

Enter the Bestellnummer:


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