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Holoceen, Dutch for the geologic Epoch Holocene, spans the time from 12Ka (12 kilo annum, i.e. 12.000 years ago) until present. Translated into common language it just means now.

From the tabs it is clear that the focus of this site is mainly about the Carl Zeiss Stiftung, its products, and its Zeiss Ikon subsidiary. The information is collected throughout the years from books, articles, the Zeiss Historica Society and its presence on facebook, the Zeiss Ikon Collectors Group at and from personal connections.

As always, this website is continuously 'under construction' and will stay that way forever. Additions to it will be slow but steady, evolution in stead of revolution.

A site change log is in the "Other" section...

Main language environment will be English (or better, how a Dutchman thinks English is written...); within the site you can encounter other languages too, mainly Dutch and German, all conforming its context.

On the left, the shortcut side, special interest sections can be found like the the search within the Zeiss Ikon Bestellnummer database by number or by string. Also links to 'work in progress' can be found there.

The building work is split in several projects - under the guiding principle 'how to eat an elephant':

  • Zeiss Ikon numbers: Bestellnummer, body and lens numbers.
  • Pictorial information of Zeiss Ikon equipment.
  • Publication of manuals and other interesting litterature about Zeiss stuff.
  • Bibliography.
  • Miscellaneous brands that make cameras, films or other photographic gear.
  • And if time enough, some stories about geology as well.
  • In short, far too much:-)


Without sound advice and/or contributions from the following people, this site would not be substantiated... The people listed are in a random order, no insults meant:-)

  • The late Charles Barringer, his push and scholarship made me realize this project.
  • The Zeiss Historica members: Larry Gubas, Marc James Small, Simon Worsley, John Scott, John Buck, Klaus Schmitt, Stefan Baumgartner and many others.
  • Members of the Zeiss Ikon Collectors Group at
  • Members of the Camera Collector Forum at

A direct link to the new website of the Society is Zeiss Historica Society where you can find membership information, and a selection of Society publications.


  • 19-10-17: KOV information will discarded
  • 31-11-15: Zeiss Historica 2015 arrived
  • 27-12-14: Zeiss Historica 2014 arrived
  • 7-11-14: New Carl Zeiss doc