Ikonta Rollfilm camaras

From 1931 till 1958 the Ikonta name was part of the Zeiss Ikon heritage. The Ikonta cameras formed the middle of the road of the rollfilm cameras.

Large numbers were produced with several film formats. Bestellnummer with the /2 type are made for the 6x9cm format, the /16 for the 6x6cm format. Cameras Without a suffix use the 4,5x6cm format.

The consensus between Zeiss Ikon fans is, if the letter is followed by an asterisk it is a PostWar camera made of PreWar parts. Bodynumbers with letters O and P are known to be followed by an asterisk.

Ikonta 521

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Ikonta 521/16

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Ikonta 521/2

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Ikonta 522/24

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Ikonta 523/16

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Ikonta 524/16

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